Lululemon Office Hong Kong

Lululemon Office Hong Kong

Project Details



If you’re looking for a workspace that promotes wellness, collaboration, and tailored to your specific needs, JEB’s Bespoke Furniture design and build solutions are the perfect choice. Take a look at Lululemon’s Hong Kong office, where JEB provided customised design solutions that met the specific requirements of each department.

JEB’s fixed workstations and 9am Height adjustable desks were featured on the work floor, providing employees with a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. To keep the office minimalist and clutter-free, Lululemon enlisted JEB’s custom-designed and built lockers in a clean, contemporary white wood.

JEB’s custom-built telebooths and meeting pods were chosen by Lululemon to accommodate and promote both collaboration and privacy. In addition, JEB created a custom wardrobe and hanging cabinet that met Lululemon staff needs and complemented their brand aesthetic, allowing them to showcase their products in a functional yet elegant manner.

At JEB, we’re committed to creating bespoke office furniture solutions that cater to our clients’ unique requirements and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about JEB Group’s Custom Design and Build solutions and let us help you create a functional, comfortable, and stylish branded workspace.