可持续发展家具系列, 座椅系列, 行政和会议座椅


Conference rooms are one of the most important places in a company. People meet here to make decisions. Business partners are greeted here and should feel comfortable. All of the details have to be just right. Conference chairs are expected to meet the highest demands: a representative design that signalises a distinct feeling of style. Exceptional workmanship, which reflects the company’s high standards. Intelligent technology that provides luxurious seating comfort. Sedus se:line combines all of these qualities to create a superior design that leaves a lasting impression.


  • Height(mm) 104-116
  • Width(mm) 78
  • Depth(mm) 93

Beautiful and intelligent
Elegant design and high ergonomic seating comfort are not contradictions for se:line. On the contrary. Thanks to state-of-the-art high-tech materials and an innovative construction, where the armrests act as a spring return mechanism, se:line automatically adapts to the body weight and allows the seat and backrest to move in sync with the body – without a visible mechanism. Combined with the wide opening angle, it promotes dynamic sitting while increasing well-being and concentration.

Comfortable selection

Featuring a high, as well as medium backrest, se:line radiates high-quality elegance. Its impressive seating comfort makes it perfect for both conference rooms and as a swivel chair in a senior manager’s office. Both versions have a high-quality aluminium cross-shaped base, which comes with a choice of castors or gliders. A polished version is available as well as a matt powder coating in white aluminium or black.

A feast for the eyes.

No visible technology breaking the lines, no levers disrupting a design shaped by a delicate silhouette. Displaying a high level of standards, expressed by the flowing form of the armrest as well as the tapering borders on the backrest and seat. Pleasantly understated, timelessly modern and can be combined perfectly with any style. Complemented by high-quality materials and delicate workmanship, whereby many individual steps are carried out by hand.



Sustainability down to the last detail. Sustainability and quality “Made in Germany” have been key company principles at Sedus for more than 50 years. Principles that Sedus se:line also embody and which are reflected in recycling-oriented product design, ecologically tested materials, resource and energy-conscious manufacturing and ongoing quality tests. Using leathers, which are only sourced from South Germany and Austria, therefore ensuring short and environmentally friendly transport routes, is also part of the Sedus philosophy of sustainability. Another manufacturing advantage: the perfect chrome surfaces come from a modern electroplating facility, which has a processing plant that removes production residues from the water. Another advantage: se:line is extremely durable thanks to the